There are numerous online resources and forums that can connect you with like-minded individuals and provide valuable insights into sustainability practices and initiatives around the world. Here are some suggestions to explore:

1. **Reddit**: The platform hosts various subreddits dedicated to sustainability, such as r/sustainability, r/ZeroWaste, and r/RenewableEnergy. These communities offer discussions, news, and practical tips for sustainable living.
2. **LinkedIn**: Joining sustainability-focused groups on LinkedIn can connect you with professionals working in the field and provide access to valuable articles, discussions, and job opportunities.
3. **GreenBiz**: GreenBiz is a leading platform that provides news, resources, and events focused on sustainable business practices. It also hosts webinars and forums for networking.
4. **Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Community**: GRI offers a community platform for sustainability reporting and responsible business practices. It’s a great place to engage with experts and practitioners in sustainability reporting.
5. **Meetup**: This platform allows you to find and join local sustainability-focused groups and attend events and meetups to connect with individuals passionate about sustainability in your area.
6. **Coursera and edX**: These online learning platforms offer a wide range of sustainability-related courses and specializations created by universities and institutions from around the world. Engaging in these courses can help you connect with learners and professionals with shared interests.
7. **Sustainable Brands**: This platform offers news, insights, and events pertaining to sustainable business and innovation. It’s a great resource for connecting with professionals in the sustainable business sector.
8. ****: This organization focuses on grassroots organizing and supports local groups’ efforts to fight climate change. Their website offers resources and tools for individuals and communities to get involved in sustainability initiatives.
9. **UN Global Compact Network**: If you’re interested in corporate sustainability and responsible business practices, exploring the local networks of the UN Global Compact can connect you with companies and organizations committed to advancing sustainability.
By engaging in these online resources and forums, you can connect with a diverse range of individuals and organizations, learn about sustainability best practices, and contribute to the global dialogue on environmental stewardship.