The new broke out that a Cumbrian firm is looking to convert CO¬≤ into cleaning products. The first quote most people will be asking is HOW? Over the years, there have been triels done to convert co2 and many other waste into something useful. This is based on the circular economy principle. We did a […]

Rising out of turbulent times: Embracing Adaptability in Business and life

Going through a few years of downturn in your career, business, or even in private life matters, optimists tend to think the next year or season will be better until you find yourself, with time, wondering how you have managed to find new lows. You are drained out, and it is obvious that you have […]

developing a sustainability pathway for businesses

Developing a sustainability pathway for businesses Developing a sustainability pathway for businesses involves crafting a strategy that aligns with environmental, social, and economic goals. Here’s a condensed guide: 1. **Commitment from Leadership**: Ensure top-level executives understand and are committed to sustainability as it needs to permeate all levels of the business. 2. **Assess Impact**: Evaluate […]

Can shredded paper be recycled | Eco Navigator

Can you recycle shredded paper? The question of whether you can recycle shredded paper isn’t asked often, but when you take the time to review your waste management practices both at home and at work, you’ll understand why it’s important.Recycling paper is a no-brainer, but does shredding affect its recyclability?Generally, each local council has different […]

A Quick Dive Into The World of ESG | What Is It, Who Its For?

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) refers to a set of criteria used to assess a company’s impact on the environment, society, and its governance practices. Investors often consider these factors to make socially responsible investment decisions. What specific aspects of ESG are you interested in exploring further?

How to find helpful resources on sustainable practices |Eco Navigators

There are numerous online resources and forums that can connect you with like-minded individuals and provide valuable insights into sustainability practices and initiatives around the world. Here are some suggestions to explore: 1. **Reddit**: The platform hosts various subreddits dedicated to sustainability, such as r/sustainability, r/ZeroWaste, and r/RenewableEnergy. These communities offer discussions, news, and practical […]

What should the UK government and others be doing to strengthen and anebalenthe move towards Net Zero | Circular economy

Governments worldwide are increasingly recognizing the importance of promoting sustainability and resource efficiency to address environmental challenges, from climate change to resource depletion. Here are some key initiatives: 1. **Regulatory Frameworks**: Many countries have implemented regulations to reduce emissions, manage waste, and improve energy efficiency. Examples include the European Union’s Circular Economy Action Plan and […]

The State of the Circular economy in the UK | Eco Navigator

As of my last update, the circular economy in the UK was gaining momentum, driven by the need to reduce waste, keep resources in use for as long as possible, and regenerate natural systems. Some of the trends within the circular economy movement in the UK include:1. **Regulations and Government Initiatives:** – The UK government […]

Stages of a Sustainable Transformation | Eco Navigation

Embarking on a sustainable transformation in your organisation can seem daunting without a previously laid down foundation to anchor your changes to. The following stages will help you identify where you are on your journey to being a sustainable organisation.